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Outdoor Staging Area

We have set up an Outdoor Staging Area, which will serve as the Outside Screening Area.

  • There will be one door for Entrance and one door for Exit.

  • We have taped off waiting spots outside the entrance door which is 1.5 m apart as seen in Appendix A Figure.1. This ensures social distancing before entering the class.

    • Members are to wait here 15 minutes before their booked class time.

    • Please remain in line and keep within the social distance limits.

  • Please make sure you have your 2 towels and filled water bottle. No other items besides your mask, keys and cell phones are allowed in the studio.

  • The coach will mark you as present on the app.

    • Members will be asked daily a set of screening questions when logged into the app prior to booking a session. Should you answer yes to any of the questions, please refrain from booking a session for that day.

  • Your temperature will be checked at the door. Should your temperature be higher than 5°C you will be asked to step aside and your temperature will be measured 2-3 minutes later. If it remains 37.5°C or higher, the client will be asked to go home.

  • At the entry door will be a disinfectant mat, which will sanitize the sole of your shoe upon entering.

  • At each door (Entrance and Exit) will be touchless hand sanitizers for entering and exiting the studio make please use it before and after your session.

  • Every member will be requested, to not attend in-studio training if they are experiencing symptoms of colds or flu which includes but not limited to fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat etc.

    • Should the coaches notice you have any of the symptoms you will be asked politely to refrain from training.


Stay In Place Training

We have set up a Stay In Place Training area in the studio.

  • Once screening has been completed a coach will ensure that the members are directed to the designated Stay In Place Training area.

  • Members will be required to remain within their designated area throughout the entire training session as seen in Appendix A Figure.2. This ensures NON-CONTACT TRAINING and prevents cross contamination of equipment as each member will be allocated their own set of sanitized equipment. Thus, reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

    • Should you need any modifications to your equipment/training please inform the coach. As he will make the necessary adjustments. This ensures you as the member remain in your training area and limits cross contamination.

    • Please remain within your designated training area during the session unless you need to use the restroom.

  • At each Stay In Place training area, all equipment for the station will be readily packed and sanitized.

  • Masks are required for entering and exiting the studio. Inside HIIT Fitness studio wearing a mask is recommended, but not required as it can restrict your airflow and cause light-headedness. We understand that restricting fresh air during exercise can cause a dizzy feeling and recommend the usage for a buff should you prefer to cover your mouth and nose.

    • As per the government gazette, masks are not required during vigorous exercise.

  • Once the training session is completed, members are to immediately exit the studio and not congregate in front of the doors or the Outside Staging area.

Post Training Cleaning

Once all members have left, the studio doors will be closed and our Post Training Cleaning protocol will commence.

End of Day Cleaning

Cleaning at the end of the day will mimic the Post Training Protocol. However a more thorough and deep cleaning will take place of the entire studio and HQ.

Rest Room Facilities

In the event of a member wanting to use the restroom, the member should ensure that the restroom is not already in use and maintain social distance at all time while going/using the rest room facilities. Only one person is allowed in the rest room at a time.

The showers and changing area is still prohibited. Only the toilet section will be made available to use.

Online Training

We know that there is a need for the continued online training, even after the reopening. Due to the limited training slots available and because some of our members have come to love the online training and prefer it during these times. As such, we will continue to offer a dual training model of both online and in-studio sessions. Please note this will not be indefinitely and will be phased out slowly as the restrictions are lifted and life returns to normal.

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