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Desirée du Preez

I saw an ad for the 6 Week Challenge on Facebook and it sounded perfect. I was on maternity leave after I had my second baby and was eager to get my pre-pregnancy body back and feel better about myself. It sounded like the type of program that would motivate you to exercise regularly and live a healthier lifestyle.

I could only do 5 weeks of the 6-week challenge as I had to go away for work the last week, and during that time I lost just over 5% body fat. It was great to feel part of a community where everyone accepts you wherever you are in your fitness journey. Being a working mom it’s also great to have a bit of me time that’s just about me and doing something good for myself. I’ve been with HIIT for 5 months now and fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes again.

I never enjoyed going to gym before and used to say that I’m not a gym person, I preferred going for a run. However, at HIIT Fitness I could really see (and feel) the difference as you make the best use of the 30 minutes that you exercise.

The coaches have so much energy and make the sessions really fun. Each day is different and although you push yourself really hard and sometimes feel that you won’t be able to finish, it’s over before you know it and you leave feeling proud of what you managed to achieve and what your body is capable of.

You’re not just joining a gym; you’re joining a community where you feel like you’re part of something. When I’m away for work and I miss a week, I actually get a bit of FOMO! It’s not just about losing weight, but about feeling better, healthier and more energized!


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