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Janine Gericke

I was at a place in my life where I was tired of feeling tired, tired of looking like I did and tired of huffing & puffing after climbing the stairs at home. I had basically picked up 15kgs over a 3 year period after I stopped smoking. Sitting on the couch late one evening I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across this page advertising that they were looking for individuals to join them for a “6 week challenge”. It just seemed too good to be true so I scrolled on past, but then something made me go back & read more…

Before I knew it, I was completing the online application to apply to join this 6 week challenge, after all I had nothing to lose (well nothing besides 15kgs)! I was super nervous & excited all at the same time but thought hey, it’s only 6 weeks, let’s do this! I was accepted after my initial assessment and was well on my way into this challenge.

After my first week at HIIT Fitness I discovered muscles in places in places where I did not even think I had muscles, BUT I felt absolutely fantastic! It just kept getting better & better as I progressed and that was it for me, I was caught hook, line & sinker as they say and could not wait to go back for more.

I know that this will sound so cliché but it’s true… I have never ever felt so good about myself, ever! I have lost 7.9% body fat on the 6 weeks and felt absolutely awesome, but that was not the end for me… I could not stop now, not after seeing such awesome results, so I joined the HIIT Fitness family and am loving every minute of every workout where I get to work on “me”!

What sets HIIT Fitness apart from other programmes is the coaches! I can 100% say that I would never have been able to achieve any of my goals without the motivation, support & guidance of the coaches. Each day is a different routine, working different muscles, keeping it exciting and challenging makes it great. You get an awesome workout, get that heart rate up and feel fantastic when you leave. I absolutely love being part of the HIIT Fitness family… HUA!!!

I most certainly would! If a positive change is what you want to see & feel, then you just have to join the HIIT Fitness family! JP and the coaches have really created an amazing place & programme that every single person out there should get to experience and be part of!”


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