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The HIIT Fitness Reopening Protocol is our guide to safely and successfully reopen our doors to our staff and members during these trying times. Apart from increasing the frequency and extent of cleaning and sanitization of the studio, we have modified our training regimes to ensure NON-CONTACT Training and no cross contamination of equipment.


The studio space has been set up to ensure strict social distancing within our training facility.


As a member in the health and wellness industry, we are on the frontlines of helping you, our members to achieve one of the most precious things in life, good health. On behalf of all our staff, I would like thank you for allowing us to help you reach your health and wellness goals. It is an honour and our passion to inspire fitness and transforming lives while making a positive impact.

This pandemic has given us the opportunity to reflect on the impact thereof by emphasizing just how important our health is. Exercising and good nutrition is important, especially now than ever because it is known to reduce stress, prevent weight gain, improve sleep and boost the immune system.

This Reopening Protocol is an in-depth process which we will use to safely reopen our studio to you, our HIIT Fitness Family Members. The reopening process takes the social distance obligation, the facility and equipment disinfection as well as a modified non-contact training programme into consideration to ensure the safety of both the staff and the members.

Please note, this Reopening Protocol is a requirement for all HIIT Fitness members to follow and is subject to change in response to future government mandates.


Listed below are the key elements of the reopening protocol to be followed with a detail explanation:

  • Before the reopening both the studio and HQ underwent a thorough deep clean and sanitization; including all equipment.

  • We will be following the following protocols which is explained later in this document.

    • Outdoor Staging

    • Stay In Place Training

    • Post Training Cleaning

    • End of Day Cleaning

  • A booking system has been implemented for members to book their spot in the training sessions – limited to 15 members per session. This can be done via the Itensity App.

  • An Outside Staging Area has been set up. Serving as the Outside Screening Area.

  • Each member will be requested, to not attend in-studio training if you are experiencing symptoms of colds or flu.

  • A Stay In Place training area has been implemented inside the studio which enforces social distancing and Non-Contact Training.

  • Sessions will begin on the hour from 5am until 11am and again from 3pm until 7pm.

  • After each training session has been completed, members will be required to leave the studio immediately. The coaches and cleaning staff will follow the Post Session Cleaning Protocol. Once this is completed the entrance door will be reopened and the screening for the next group of members will commence.

  • At the end of the day the coaches and cleaning staff will follow the End of Day Cleaning Protocol.

  • The showers and changing area is still prohibited at this point in time.

  • Even after reopening we can anticipate that there might still be a need for continued online training. Thus all HIIT Fitness Family members will have access to a dual program (in studio and virtual training) for the time being.

Intensity App - Copy.jpg


We will be using a booking app, called Itensity. Here you will be able to book and cancel your sessions if unable to make it. Should it become a problem to find a spot we will look into restricting everyone to a limited number of in-studio classes during this time. Seeing that we are still making use of virtual training which will still be available to everyone.


Sessions will begin on the hour from 5am until 11am and again from 3pm until 7pm. Each training session will be limited to 15 members only as this adheres to the social distancing obligation of keeping physical distance at least 1.5m at all time. Because of the limited number of members that will be allowed per training session, it will be essential for members to book their session times in advance.

We ask that you be considerate and cancel sessions should you not be able to attend as there might be other members on the waiting list. The app allows for bookings to be cancelled up to 2 hours before the class start. However, you can always ask Admin to cancel it should it be no less than 90 minutes before the session start time.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked sessions as you need to be screened before entering the studio. Anyone arriving late will not be allowed in the studio.

Members are not allowed to train under someone else’s name if you are not booked. You need to follow the right process as the app is also used to store the history of class attendance in order to track anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Each session will remain 30 minutes in duration.

Following the conclusion of each session, the Coach(s) and cleaning staff will follow the Post Session Cleaning Protocol and thoroughly sanitize each station, all equipment used during the session, the restroom and all surfaces.

***Members are not permitted to clean their own station or any other portion of the gym. If they offer to help, politely decline.


Session Time: 6:00 am – 6:30 am

Clean and Sanitize: 6:30 am – 7:00 am







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