I saw an ad for the 6 Week Challenge on Facebook and it sounded perfect. I was on maternity leave after I had my second baby and was eager to get my pre-pregnancy body back and feel better about myself. It sounded like the type of program that would motivate you to exercise regularly and live a healthier lifestyle.

I could only do 5 weeks of the 6-week challenge as I had to go away for work the last week, and during that time I lost just over 5% body fat. It was great to feel part of a community where everyone accepts you wherever you are in your fitness journey. Being a working mom it’s also great to have a bit of me time that’s just about me and doing something good for myself. I’ve been with HIIT for 5 months now and fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes again.

I never enjoyed going to gym before and used to say that I’m not a gym person, I preferred going for a run. However, at HIIT Fitness I could really see (and feel) the difference as you make the best use of the 30 minutes that you exercise.

The coaches have so much energy and make the sessions really fun. Each day is different and although you push yourself really hard and sometimes feel that you won’t be able to finish, it’s over before you know it and you leave feeling proud of what you managed to achieve and what your body is capable of.

You’re not just joining a gym; you’re joining a community where you feel like you’re part of something. When I’m away for work and I miss a week, I actually get a bit of FOMO! It’s not just about losing weight, but about feeling better, healthier and more energized!

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In 2016, I moved in Cape Town (new country for me!). Combining the stresses that come with changing continents (far from family and things I knew) and body changes that come with age (either we like it or not), I added a few kilograms to the extra I already had and ended up reaching 68 Kg.

I had never been that weight before, except when I was pregnant and that made me quite sad and frustrated, but I had to leave the sadness behind and think what I could actually do about it. It’s always easier to fight “along–the-way” to get rid of those few kilos, before you are drowned in your own sorrow and get to the point of taking absolute drastic measures.

Always been a sporty person, practiced athletics in my youth, but now I was only playing with my daughter and keeping myself a bit active, but that was all.

Obviously, was not enough. Saw an ad on Facebook and came in, had a chat and put some questions (I think with Clayton) and then realised a paradox: I have become quite lazy, sports wise and exactly THAT would be the reason to join HIIT. To come 4 times a week, no matter what, will DO the job. No excuses and complaining.

I lost about 6 kilograms initially, then I added back about 4 and later, another 1-2 kg. So, you’d say that I haven’t done much, BUT all these happened along in 3 years and now, I am on my way to lose back again...

It is a continuous fight with myself – like to taste a new desert now and then and always enjoyed a pizza (yes, I know!!) , but my body looks different, skin is tighter, cellulite that we all hate, diminished, feel very proud of myself that I am still caring for this battle, I am stronger - physically and emotionally. I am aware that I might not be with HIIT forever, but they have definitely improved my ability to control my choices in food and to get a better balance in order to “harness” all these changes in my body, in my life, in my diet.

HIIT Fitness comes with a meal plan, which for me looks reasonable and balanced. You are offered a Facebook group membership with multiple recipes to follow if you lack inspiration, in your diet battle. HIIT Fitness, comes with a team of professionals that encourage you all the way – yes, all the way: every day, every single gym session, they monitor your form, they adjust your exercises to your fitness level to prevent injury, but always push you to give your best.

All these things are the reasons I would recommend HIIT Fitness to anyone. Each one of the above points are so important however the standout quality that separates HIIT from other gyms, is in ITS STAFF. Always smiling and listening, never complaining, coming up with new exercise routines every day, being there and accommodating everyone. They are passionate and professional. That helps us all to keep going and to wake up every day with the desire of doing something for ourselves, making us better for our families.

Not in the last, is the SO FRIENDLY environment: people’s chat, smiles, met a few special friends and the family vibe, is all around.

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Joined Hiit in October 2018 after seeing the Hiit results with my own eyes in someone I know who lost 20kg in just over a year and looked awesomely healthy. I’m 58 years of age, height 168cm and started out at 102kg and 35% body fat. I looked and felt disgusting. I was taking pills for high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as having sleep apnea (per my wife). My doctor was talking about the danger of me becoming Diabetic as well. I really needed to change my lifestyle in terms of exercise and eating.

So I can tell you there is no shortcut with this. You need to make a lifestyle choice which involves regular exercise and healthy eating habits. The other thing is to understand you need to stick with this FOREVER. Results are all about consistency over time.

So 2 years later I’m in MUCH better shape-85kg and 20% body fat. I am also off the pills completely! Yes, I can improve more and I will but the progress does slow as you get in to better shape. I feel great and energized, I slept much better as well. I really like Hiit because it takes ONLY 30 minutes per day so you have no excuse to miss a session, also the awesome Hiit family vibe and coaches hooked me.

I must add that COVID took my training to another level because of the online sessions. With the time flexibility and non travelling I started training 6x per week instead of 4x.I use the time I save(+- 1 hour per day) to walk on the beach with my dogs so that’s extra calories burning as well! I’m glad the monthly assessments are back as it’s good to touch base and get real feedback on progress.

Please make the decision today to change your life and be prepared to stick with it FOREVER. Yes it is tough and it is hard work but I promise the rewards will come in abundance. Nothing easy is ever worthwhile. It’s awesome when you start needing to buy smaller clothes (more than once!),your family, friends and people who hardly know you keep telling you how great you look. You get back heaps of self esteem and confidence. You can proudly wear more body fitting clothes and aren’t shy anymore to rip that shirt off and dive into the pool.

Please join Hiit today and start is the only advice I can give you!"


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