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I found HIIT through the 6 week challenge ad. I had gradually picking up weight after going back to working fulltime in August 2015, and although I was already training 4-5 times per week at another gym, I knew that the 6-week challenge was just the right push I needed to really get back on track again. I did the challenge for the first time in Feb 2019, and got amazing results. The coaches and the workouts combined with the eating plan was the positive change I was looking for. I was however not able to join the gym fulltime at this point. Jump to 2020, and after about 4,5 months of lockdown, I had gained a lot of weight.

Being within metres of a kitchen where I can bake bread and cakes and candy every day is maybe not ideal for somebody who has a passion for baking and cooking 😊. So I decided that I needed a new 6-week challenge to really get back on track again. I know myself, and I work really hard when I want to achieve something. With circumstances being very different with lockdown, having kids at home etc…my results were maybe not as amazing as I had hoped, but I made a major change in body and mind, and I knew this time I couldn’t let go and decided to join HIIT Fitness fulltime.

The workouts are so versatile, fun and really give you that full body workout and increase stamina. Best decision ever!

Since Aug 2020 I have lost 10 cm in my waist, about 7 kgs of scale weight and decreased a few clothing sizes, gotten smoother and happier skin and have MUCH less headaches. I have increased the weights I use at the gym and my stamina has improved drastically. I have more energy in general, I sleep better and I have more faith in myself. That might sound silly, but when you know you’ve pushed yourself past your own limit in the daily workout, you feel like there isn’t anything you can’t do and your body and mind just feel amazing.

One of the greatest things about HIIT are the coaches. They get to know you and they know how to help push you just past your own limit. Everybody gives it their all in the workouts and pushes themselves past their own limit.

I like that all levels can work out together and draw inspiration and motivation from each other. There is accountability thanks to weigh-ins and assessments which personally is the most rewarding aspect for me. I am a person who likes stats and numbers, so seeing my progress in terms of muscle gain and fat-percentage-loss…you just cannot hide behind anything.

I would highly recommend HIIT Fitness to anyone and everyone.

Why? 1) There is accountability. 2) You get amazing workouts in a room filled with other motivated individuals which pushes you to bring you A-game every day! (but no one shames you if you are a bit off your game at any point) 3) The coaches make it fun and are experts at catering for ALL levels at the same time. 4) You are not alone! 5) You get assistance with your diet through recipes etc. 6) Everybody at HIIT is GENUINELY interested in your health, your wellbeing and your success! 7) It isn’t just a gym. It is a community and you really become a bit like family.

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I kept seeing the sponsored ads on Facebook and thought this would be an interesting thing to try. So about a week after I turned 26 I finally decided to commit to starting a new journey to get stronger at HIIT Fitness.

The studio is not like a gym at all and because of that I kept coming back. I had just started a new job and just started HIIT so I was trying to get into a new routine and it was tough. However coming to studio would always put me in a good mood thanks to the awesome coaches.

Exercising has never been too much of an issue for me, it's food that I struggle with. My mindset was never in the right place to get on board with eating healthy and I would justify it because I was exercising regularly. I lost about 3kgs in my first year at HIIT through exercise alone and I built up some muscle and could feel myself getting stronger week by week.

When lockdown happened, I now had the time to truly focus on me and change things up. So I did. I doubled up on different kinds of workouts and finally sorted out my eating habits. The weight kinda melted off and I finally saw results. So healthy eating habits are definitely the most important thing if you want to see results. The best news was when the studio opened again! I was too excited to start HIIT workouts again… It had been months. I wanted to see what results I could achieve now with these workouts.

Believe it or not the assessments are the biggest difference in these programmes. They are like motivations every few weeks to check your progress. Your coaches are also your biggest supporters during your assessments and during the constantly changing workouts. You can feel they want what is best for you and push you just enough for you to achieve it.

The sense of family and community is great! You can get inspired by so many people.

The vibe and music in studio keeps you going during the workouts and coaches energy and support keep you coming back.

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I returned from the Netherlands where I use to train 4 x per week and my friend, Ané Bisschoff told me about HIIT Fitness who operates almost like the fitness centre I joined in the Netherlands. After my first visit to HIIT Fitness, I realised that I am not as fit as I thought I was. I felt so welcome at HIIT Fitness and felt immediately part of a family. I got addicted to HIIT Fitness and I enjoy it so much. It wasn’t even about results anymore for me. It became something I have to do every day to function properly.

I started feeling so healthy, fit, and full of energy and I just felt I “belong” here and that I am part of a family. The results just came by itself! I just love the “family culture” feeling of HIIT Fitness and the way everyone motivates each other. This is the longest I have ever joined any fitness centre. I get bored easily and change fitness centres often because of boredom, but it has been a year, and I still look forward to every day going to HIIT Fitness. We have never done the same program twice and every day is something new and challenging.

I just cannot get bored! I love the coaches, watching you closely and making sure you keep moving to higher goals, they know your name and they know exactly what you can do and the weight you can lift, so there is no room for cheating or going backwards.

I used to exercise because I “have” to, you have to exercise to stay healthy and not letting yourself go. It was never fun, and was always something that you have to do and always had to force myself to get myself at the gym or fitness centre. Now, ever since I joined HIIT Fitness, I LOVE exercising and it is something that I WANT to do. Going to HIIT Fitness is something I look forward to.

I started enjoying the sessions so much that I did not even focus on the results anymore, it was just FUN! The results came by itself, and after my last assessment, I realised that I have lost 5.6% body fat since joining and I am feeling great, better and fitter than ever.

It is sustainable. It becomes a lifestyle that you can maintain. It is exciting and something new awaits every day. One does not get bored. It takes you 30 minutes a day to obtain amazing results.

It is great to feel fit and healthy and everyone deserves to know how good you can feel.

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