I have previously spoken about how I took a chance on a Facebook ad and visited HIIT Fitness and I have never looked back. But there are so many reasons why I decided to come back every day of the week.

The coaches and even the office staff’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious and makes you want to be around them every day. My day does not feel complete if I have not been to a session.

HIIT Fitness has been there every step of the way helping me lose over 30 kg thus far. Part of the 30 kg was even lost during lockdown. Without their support with all the videos, live workouts and the personal check-in’s during lockdown I could have easily lost a lot of the progress I had made prior to March 2020.

Keeping the ball rolling my progress with my fitness helped me stay emotionally and mentally fit during these unprecedented times.

The personal touch everyone at HIIT Fitness puts on all they do is what sets HIIT Fitness apart from every other place I have visited. From the individual attention you receive in the workouts to the “therapy sessions” you have during your assessments, everyone there has your best interests at heart.

I think if someone feels lost in their fitness journey, they should definitely give HIIT Fitness a try. They have helped me onto a path I never thought I would on in my wildest dreams. There have been ups and downs on my journey; however, the support they give changes the trajectory of the downs.

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  • jp29937

To be completely honest I had no idea that HIIT Fitness even existed until Debi Schuiling decided she wanted to win a TV in one of the competitions you were running. Debi signed me up for the 6 week challenge and subsequently won the TV. It was a life changing 6 weeks for me and I am forever grateful to Debi for pushing me into something I would never have chosen to do.

I can honestly say that every aspect of my life has been affected in a positive way through my training at HIIT. It is not just about the clothes fitting better and the weight loss but more importantly it is about how I feel. I have a much more positive outlook on life, way more energy, sleep better at night and my kids say I am a nicer mom! I love the feeling of being so fit and healthy, especially at my age.

30 minutes full body workout with the most amazing trainers in a family orientated environment sets HIIT apart from any other program. The genuine interest in you as a person, the constant encouragement and passion that Joshua, Clayton, Keelan and Luthando show every day is what makes HIIT the number 1 program out there.

It is wonderful to come to gym every morning and be greeted by name, share a few laughs and leave feeling as if you are on top of the world. I have been pushed and encouraged beyond what i thought i could ever achieve. Stepping out of my comfort zone and showing up to HIIT every day is the one of the best decisions I have made.

I believe 100% in how HIIT can change your life so why would I want to keep it a secret!

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  • jp29937

I always wanted to be fit and I admired people that had an intrinsic motivation to do some sort of exercise. I never ever had that urge that “I need to train to be happy”. I was happy… unless someone asked me to get into a bikini! And with 2 small children that constantly want to swim, I just felt that I am missing out on unconditional fun because of some body issues and wobbly cellulite. I thought I owe it to my kids to feel good in my own skin.

And then I watched the journey of my very dear friend Claire Kansley, who went from beautiful young mommy to even more beautiful fit & toned mommy with a renewed zest for life and an inner happiness and huge excitement about this new gym family. So I thought I must see what this is all about and signed up for the 6 week challenge on 01 November 2019.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been in such shape for the past 10 years, if not longer. I have lost 5.5 kilograms on the scale, a whole lot of body fat, I have toned, gained muscle and feel like a million dollars. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I really enjoy exercise! Who would have thought!! I feel terribly guilty if I can’t train and feel that I owe it to my body.

I usually try to train in the mornings and the emotional benefits are just as amazing, the endorphins carry me all day every day and I just enjoy being the healthier and happiest me. The training goes hand in hand with clean eating, so yes, the proverbial lifestyle change really happens :)

And where to start when trying to explain to someone why HIIT is so different? I had countless gym memberships of all sorts of gyms and pursued those endeavours with huge enthusiasm…for the first month! And then never ever went again, because I got bored or actually didn’t know what to do. HIIT is so different…no workout is ever the same, the trainers are out of this world, they are funny, nudge you gently to give your best, but also understand if you have a bad day (and let you take the lighter weight on that one day), but they encourage you, help you, know your name from day one - they make you feel welcome and make sure that you feel you really matter.

The fellow training partners are carrying that same spirit, everyone is in it together, no matter how fit or unfit, how skinny or a little chubby, old and young, sweaty or not…it’s a community and it’s beautiful and good for the soul! Thank you HIIT for making the world a better place for so many!

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