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Tare-Lee Addinall

I have previously spoken about how I took a chance on a Facebook ad and visited HIIT Fitness and I have never looked back. But there are so many reasons why I decided to come back every day of the week.

The coaches and even the office staff’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious and makes you want to be around them every day. My day does not feel complete if I have not been to a session.

HIIT Fitness has been there every step of the way helping me lose over 30 kg thus far. Part of the 30 kg was even lost during lockdown. Without their support with all the videos, live workouts and the personal check-in’s during lockdown I could have easily lost a lot of the progress I had made prior to March 2020.

Keeping the ball rolling my progress with my fitness helped me stay emotionally and mentally fit during these unprecedented times.

The personal touch everyone at HIIT Fitness puts on all they do is what sets HIIT Fitness apart from every other place I have visited. From the individual attention you receive in the workouts to the “therapy sessions” you have during your assessments, everyone there has your best interests at heart.

I think if someone feels lost in their fitness journey, they should definitely give HIIT Fitness a try. They have helped me onto a path I never thought I would on in my wildest dreams. There have been ups and downs on my journey; however, the support they give changes the trajectory of the downs.


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