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Betsy-Jane Ditcham

“I had seen the adverts about the 6-week challenge popping up on Facebook, but it wasn’t until I saw the results of a close friend that I decided to make the commitment. I knew I was at a stage where I needed to make a change and seeing the proven results and hearing what a great program it was, was the motivation I needed to get started!

The first two weeks were tough, and honestly, it was a mental challenge as opposed to the physical one. But from week three, I could already start to see and feel the changes in my body. My skin was clearer, clothes were looser, and I was sleeping better. By the end of the challenge I was able to wear clothes that I hadn’t been able to fit into before and had anew found confidence in myself and what I can achieve. Stats-wise, during the 6-week challenge, I lost 9.7kg of fat weight, gained 5.6kg of muscle which resulted in a scale loss of 4.7kg. I also went down 7.7% body fat!

The HIIT program aims to develop good habits, both with regards to eating and exercise. The fact that you have to log every meal and join a session everyday helps to build this habit and by the end of the challenge, it all feels second nature. The 30-minute sessions make it very accessible for busy, working moms like me who don’t have time to spend 2 hours at the gym. But the biggest difference are the Coaches. From day 1, they all know your name and encourage you to push yourself to do better every session!

I would definitely recommend HIIT Fitness. The “Fitness Family” they create is so inspiring and you leave every session feeling upbeat (and exhausted, in a good way). The Coaches are knowledgeable and help you in reaching your goals, be it through meal plan changes, extra workouts or just support when you are struggling with motivation."


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