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Pagette Forrest

“I saw an advert on Facebook for a 6-week challenge and it somehow just drew me. I had been searching for the right place to train as I was new in the neighbourhood and just couldn’t find my “fit”. I was with one of the local gyms, but it just didn’t do it for me – so impersonal. I saw you guys and decided to give it a go. I loved the fact that there was a challenge, it gave me something to work towards and achieve.

My physical results have been amazing. I am so proud of myself, however that said I would never have had the same result without the amazing HIIT Fitness energy and coaches! You guys are simply the best and your energy rubs off on everyone. I finally found my “fit”. I have made some very special friends and love being part of this Fit Family.

The coaches know everybody’s names!! That was the first thing that impressed me immensely, especially My name..they all just knew it! It is such a personal experience and your growth is noted and hard work is recognised, and you are motivated and inspired all the time. I love coming to class and it is quick and effective.

We all have so much fun in class and the results are an added bonus. The biggest difference is that the coaches actually love what they do and don’t just do it because it pays the bills. You know that they really mean it when they ask how you are and have time to greet everyone in the class with a hug. Fabulous Team!

Well, let’s just say all I ever end up speaking about and promoting is HIIT Fitness especially when there are new people in my company. So yes, I definitely do! Why? Well because everyone deserves to know that there is this amazing place and that they too can live a healthy life, make amazing friends and end up with the body that they’ve probably always wanted. Even if they are not ready to join yet, I have definitely planted the seed.”


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