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Kate Inglese

I had been attending gym twice a week for 14 years and didn’t feel like it was working for me physically nor morally. Then I saw HIIT on Facebook with amazing testimonials, so I thought, let me have a go at this. I have never looked back.

My body feels strong and firm plus I feel fit and happy and energetic. I have met amazing people and fantastic professional coaches’ who encouragement me daily, which really motivates me. I can’t imagine my life without my HIIT sessions, as overall I feel much healthier - physically and mentally.

I trained at a gym for years, doing the same tedious routine. I was bored as there was absolutely nothing motivating me to go. Therefore I had a ‘negative’ attitude about exercise. HIIT has completely changed that negative feeling into positive / excitement / fun. The quick 30 minute sessions which incorporate cardio and weight training, is the perfect workout for all body types. They play divine vibey music, plus there is wonderful group of like-minded people training with you.

HIIT have fantastic supportive coaches which are knowledgeable and encouraging. When I walk out the HIIT door after having a full body workout, it leaves me feeling fit, strong and fulfilled. I will never look back!

I would highly recommend HIIT. What a wonderful, positive way to start the day!!! I look forward to each and every training session. The exercise routine changes daily which keeps it interesting and fun. After each session, I feel like I have had a full body workout and fit, healthy and happy. It is such a rewarding feeling. The trainers at HIIT are incredible; they greet you warmly and continuously encourage you.

Their positive, energetic attitudes are contagious. I have also found a fantastic group of friends that have started to feel like family where there is genuine care for one another. I have not found this complete anywhere else.



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