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Sybil Gonsalves

I came across a comment on a whatsapp group “HIIT Fitness is life changing” I then and there decided that a life changing opportunity is definitely what I have been looking for in terms of weight loss, especially since I was at my heaviest that I have ever been. I immediately contacted HIIT as I have had enough of the yo-yo diets, joined the programme for 18 months and have not had a moment of regret.

My results have been amazing. I am still in shock and cannot believe how far I’ve come on this journey. My energy levels have soared as well as my fitness levels. I have been on the programme for 6 months now (which includes a month’s holiday break). I have lost 20kg scale weight and 25kg of body fat.

I love the fact that the Coaches are so involved with you. Hugs when you arrive, inspirational messages via email and whatsapp, but most importantly encouraging you to push harder yet doing the exercises one by one. The encouragement from the class members are awesome and you do indeed feel like a part of the HIIT Fitness Family.

I would definitely recommend HIIT. The physical changes in me has inspired my daughter and spouse to follow my lead and join the programme. The Coaches are amazing and truly committed to your transformation."



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