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Corne Van Wyk

I was at the gym at the time and wanted a kind of different challenge, so a friend of mine introduced me to HIIT. I’ve been with HIIT now for the last almost 18 months.

What got me going was a mountain bike challenge that we registered for and I needed to get fit, so for the last three years I’ve been exercising, training and pushing myself. I’ve lost about 18kg since I started and HIIT helped me getting there. HIIT also helped me overcome some hard challenges the last year physically and mentally and for that I’ll always be grateful.

Fitness vs other programs you have tried?

For me the big difference between HIIT and other programs I’m doing is the family like feeling, when you don’t want to get up in the morning or pitching for a class/workout, you know you’re going to be missed and the early start with all the smiles/hugs and “mornings” and “hope you ready for a good workout” making you sweat and starting you’re day with a bang keeping that energy throughout the whole day…..that’s what making me going back every time! AND of course, the HUA!!

Yes definitely, it’s a quick effective way of keeping your body strong making you feel better about yourself and make you feel like part of the fitness family."



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