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Dennis Parsons

2017: “Fat & unfit” for 38 years & heading towards my 60th, a couch potato, binge drinker & suffering the side effects of simply abusing my health I was self-destructing & justifiably given the RED CARD, it was time to get my sh*t together!

HITT was a family referral, which I met with sceptism as "just another gym" because I had been there & done it several times before but curiosity still got the better of me & an appointment was made to see Clayton who encouraged me to join immediately, to Clayton’ point “When is it the right time to make a commitment to yourself?” boy does he have a sense of humour <3 weeks before Xmas 2017!?

Well why wait for another New Year’s Resolution just to fail yet again? THANK YOU Clayton I will forever be indebted to you & HIIT for putting me on the right path to a healthier lifestyle & destroying the negative comments from some friendly quarters "you’re mad, it won't last" just what I needed, a subliminal challenge!

DAY 1: Thursday 7 Dec 2017 - fast forward 2 years

Any regrets? ONLY 1, not joining HIIT years ago to change my mindset from "How do I lose weight" to "How do I improve my health"

All our coaches are extremely knowledgeable & what I started to grasp was the simplistic rule of RATIOS: CALORIE/EXERCISE INPUT vs OUTPUT. How often we start this journey & think we know it all yet “fail” after a few weeks, become despondent by our slow progress or lack thereof & want to give up – don’t!!

Who are we to judge our progress? Go see 1 of the coaches & let them align your goals & objectives so that you are rewarded for consistency, to my MELKBOS LOCAL you are testimony to this & I salute you Clive for the progress that you have made, for having the courage to introspect on what you were doing well & what needed to improve, that simple little app My Fitness Pal - best investment ever!


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