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Carmen Corbet

“I came across HIIT Fitness on Facebook and got into reading all the testimonials and was very impress at the successful stories especially within the 6-week challenges. At this stage I was very depressed about my ballooning weight and suffering from low self-esteem. Deep down I knew I had to do something. I thought to myself, why just not go for it.. it’s only 6 weeks of my life? So, I joined up and was quite nervous but excited at the same time to begin this journey! What confirmed my new commitment was when I went to my hairdresser a couple of days later and she looked fabulous! I told her she as looking great and that I have signed up at HIIT Fitness, her response was that she was also with HIIT Fitness 😊

I have been with HIIT Fitness for 4 months and have lost almost 13kg and 11% body fat. My self-esteem has improved, and I feel mentally stronger. To be honest, I am very proud of myself as I had never cared much for exercise and the utter thought of sweating was out of the question! I have amazed myself at how far I have come. My body is changing physically and so is my mindset. I never would ever believe that I would be able to keep up, let alone be running laps but here I am doing just that and loving every minute of HIIT Fitness.

Most of my adult life has been a struggle with my weight from yoyo diets, expensive eating plans and silly weight loss products. When I did lose the weight and stopped whatever ridiculous diet/supplement I was on, I put on double the weight! HIIT Fitness together with the workouts, healthy satisfying eating strategies, assessments and support has improved my health, emotional wellbeing and fitness levels.

I will without hesitation recommend HIIT Fitness for sure! Along with the awesome energetic coaches, HIIT Fitness challenges you physically and mentally. The sessions are fast paced, fun, fresh and the coaches are constantly there for you with their happy smiles, advice and continuous motivation.

Even in the middle of the session you suddenly feel a reassuring tap on your shoulder from one of the coaches letting you know that you’ve got this! They ensure you are doing the workout correctly. HIIT Fitness has literally changed my life and finally I have found the perfect balance of living a healthy and fit life! I still have a way to go with achieving my goals, but I know without a doubt, I will smash all of them with HIIT Fitness! HUA!!”


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