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Tanya Cutino

"Hooray!🥳 At 51 I found my why!!! I’ll get back to that in a sec.

I joined HIIT in October 2018, the gym and coaches were highly recommended by a few of my friends. And they all seriously understated how super amazing everyone is!😁 Shortly after joining I had a small surgery then it was the silly season and and and! I started a 6 week challenge straight after Easter 2019 and did really well. I felt better, looked better and was way fitter. I injured my knee and had to take a 6 week break from gym, travelled abroad and then just like that it was the silly season all over again!

Jan 2020 felt good I was ready to get back at it, we travelled abroad in February so myself and two other fit fam ladies agreed to start a 6 week challenge on 1 March.

I started with gusto then came Covid and a gazillion days of lockdown.

I think for me (a bit of a control freak) controlling my lifestyle with regards to eating and exercise literally got me through the most stringent levels of lockdown along with our amazing coaches and fit fam. 🤗 THANK YOU X infinity HIIT fitness for all your hard work and dedication, coming up with the goods 6 days a week with challenging online workouts, letting us into your homes (literally) weekly vids, challenges and always there for help and guidance, whilst navigating uncharted waters with us, experiencing the same/similar stresses and concerns. I appreciate you all more than you know.

BC (Before Covid) I used to workout at the gym x5 days a week but during lockdown that has increased to x6 and I have my husband along for support (he’s loving it and enjoying the gains)🏋️

Covid gave me the time to ‘do the work’ I am a lot kinder to myself and allow myself to celebrate non scale victories because if you know me you know that I’m not a fan of the scale.

Back to my why : CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!💪

As I lost weight and centimeters I finally started to feel a little more confident and eventually when it was ok to go out more I didn’t cringe seeing my reflection in a mirror - yes I know that sounds harsh and dramatic but it’s my truth.💁‍♀️

From 1 March to October I’ve lost in excess of 25kgs and many many centimeters.

I get it now, finally, it took awhile but here it is : discipline and consistency = freedom!!!!! it’s honestly as SIMPLE and as HARD as that! (Read that again) 500% worth it, no shortcuts no excuses, fall in love with the process and it’ll love you right back.💗

Google ‘above and beyond’ and there you will find HIIT Fitness.

Thank you to JP and your incredible, dedicated fabulous team, you have changed my life!!!!!!!! 🏆"


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