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Lee Ann Brooks

I, like many others hated the way I looked and tried many unhelpful ways in which to feel good about myself again. I went to gym at least 3 times a day and lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, so in my opinion and to the rest of the world there is no way I should be gaining weight or feeling depressed and frustrated with this process of trying and failing every time I get on a scale.

I started feeling depressed and embarrassed with my body, had no self-esteem and struggled with anxiety. I am a very competitive person and the more I lost in this battle to lose weight the more frustration I got , I could feel that I was losing myself to these bad habits , obesity and I even tried to accept that I was never going to feel good about myself again. I saw HIIT on my Facebook timeline and it looked like everything I needed at the current fragile point in my life. I signed up with a competitive spirit, determined to win this battle.

I have been with Hiit for almost 5 months and I started with the 6 week challenge. Through my transformation and Journey with Hiit I have lost 12Kg and 10.9% body fat. Emotionally I feel alive again, the most alive I have felt in a very long time. I have not had a panic attack since I started with Hiit Doing the High intensity exercises for 30min daily is my so much more than just a workout session. You build yourself up both mentally and physically in that process and the results are mind blowing both in your appearance and mental stability.

The difference would definitely have to be the family bound culture, the friendly environment, the coaches, how well they know your potential and how they push you to levels you did not know you had.

I would recommend Hiit Fitness 100 times over and over. The super energetic, Fun and motivating coaches are just simply amazing....The strengths and abilities you think you dont have, but they certainly know you do...They believe in you and it makes you want to work harder. Joining Hiit has forever changed my life and my health. For me that spent lots of hours in a gym with no result to now only 30min power session that make the world of difference... It is the most effective and efficient way to lose weight and build muscle. Join Hiit Fitness If you are looking for a kick start to a happier, healthier you...


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