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Leezel Strydom

I joined HIIT Fitness because I had been training for many years at another gym and I’d reach a point where I just wasn’t seeing any progress. In fact, I had slowly gained weight over the years despite all my training. I heard about HIIT’s 6-week challenge which addresses your nutrition alongside your training program and decided to sign up. I was extremely active in competitive sport when I was younger, and my weight was causing major pain in my old sports injuries. I needed to make changes quick.

Before I joined HIIT, virtually every decision I made was centred around how I looked and felt. I avoided doing things I enjoyed and was good at, because of the way I looked.

Since I’ve been at HIIT (10 months), I have dropped 14 kg and gained strength physically, as well as confidence to face clothing shopping, ha ha! My old sports injuries are more stable too as the surrounding muscle and ligaments have been strengthening more and more.

First and foremost, it has to be the people that make the place: The Coaches are beyond a shadow of a doubt thee best I’ve ever come across (and I’ve been training at gyms for 25 years!).

High fives, hugs, pats on the back and kind but firm encouragement to do one more, just when you think you’re going to pop your spleen – keeps you going. I get bored with training easily, but at HIIT, every day is a whole new experience, planned just for you. I never get bored! Also, being a person over 40 with multiple injuries, the Coaches always are quick to provide me with a corrective/alternative exercise, so I don’t hurt myself.

I would definitely recommend HIIT, and I have already had many friends try it out! It really is adaptable for ANYONE: Fat, thin, tall, short, fit, unfit and everyone in between. If you’re serious about results and you want them to last, HIIT is for you. The magic word I’ve learnt at HIIT is ‘consistency’. There is no magic formula, diet or pill, only a magic word that renders results and that’s consistency.


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