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Petrolene Lesch

I was randomly browsing Facebook when I came across the advert of HIIT Fitness. I decided to complete the set of questions. When done, I submitted, I remember being so overwhelmed, but it was done. They called me almost right away and I was like ‘wow these people move fast’, but I’m so glad that I took the first step.

In the first month I could immediately see results and so far, it has done great for my health. My sister is complaining about she has been picking up weight and I’m like “It’s probably mine that’s falling off, but you can keep it because I aint taking it back!” I believe when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do good.

I haven’t tried other gyms, but I can tell you honestly there is nothing like HIIT Fitness where I come from. HIIT Fitness is absolutely the best!

I would definitely recommend HIIT Fitness – friends, family, everyone for that matter. HIIT Fitness is one of a kind. The Coaches are top fit and awesome! They create such a warm atmosphere, they make you feel welcome, call you by your name and they give you that sense of belonging and the awesome friends you get to meet here makes everything even more worth it."



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