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Sarah Gnielka

A knee injury and subsequent chronic pain that lasted for 6 years prevented me from any physical activity, even walking medium distances. This has been a very challenging time physically as well as emotionally as the kilos kept on piling on due to not being able to move properly. Once I was healed, I wanted to lose weight as quickly as possible, but I also needed to find a program that supported my physio plan. When I saw the 6 Week challenge and the great success stories with HIIT on Facebook, I decided to try it out. This has been one of my best decisions ever and I have since signed up as a client.

I lost 16.5% body fat, 16 kg of fat weight, 11kg on the scale and gained 5kg of lean muscle. I look and feel fitter which makes me happier. I have more energy and sleep better. It’s due to HIIT Fitness that I went from walking my first parkrun to now running it 😊 and still improving almost every time.

HIIT Fitness is amazing as the coaches and Fitness Family members make everyone feel welcome. It feels like personal training in a group environment and the coaches remember your name even after the very first workout. The sessions are short and the different training times make it easier to fit into busy schedules – you can’t find this at the regular gym. The coaches are always available to assist with training but also with dietary questions.

I highly recommend HIIT Fitness as the short workouts are super effective and first results can be seen almost immediately. The coaches are fantastic – highly energetic and supportive – even in the last session of the day. They are always quick to come up with alternative exercises if need be due to injuries, etc. A big thank you to Luthando, Josh, Clayton and Keelan for always pushing me and helping me achieve my goals!


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