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Tamsyn Van Alphen

Looking at this before pic is tough. I feel as though I do not know that person anymore. That isn't me, or at least, it is not the person that I am today. That pic was taken in May 2018 at a time of shock and despair. In 2015 my mother passed away. it wasn't sudden but I don't think anything can prepare you for the moment you have to say goodbye to a parent. In 2016 tragedy struck again, my brother passed away after a short battle with depression, he didn't manage loosing my mom and suffered a debilitating anxiety attack whilst travelling in Singapore, 6 months later he left us. Loosing my brother was a pain like no other and it took a huge toll on me.

I threw myself into survival mode, fighting back the devastation and covering it up, hoping that I could get through each day without breaking down. This effected my weight, I barely ate, but I didn't exercise either. I had no way of managing my stress levels. The cortisol was ballooning my weight and finally I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue by a Dr.

As I sat in front of the Dr while he wrote up a script for tranquillisers and antidepressants I made a decision right there and then that I was going to take control of me. I walked out of that Dr's office, I threw the script in the bin and I walked into HIIT's studio.

I was going to fix myself, I owed that to my mom and my brother and mostly my family. I was going to find joy again. And so my journey with Keelan started. He lay the path out ahead of me and I had all the support tools in place. I threw myself into every class. Giving my all. From the moment I walked into my first class The Trainers knew my name and I knew they cared. Fast forward a year later and I have made lifelong friends, I have broken barriers and I have learnt that sometimes all you need is some therapy in the form of laughter, endorphins and an incredible team of Trainers.

I often tell JP, Keelan, Lulu, Clayton and Josh that they have changed my life, but I don't think they will ever know the full impact of what they did, and what they still do, every single day! I know the sacrifice they make. And that is why, once you walk through the doors at HIIT, you will never be the same person you were before. Everyone deserves this in their lives, HIIT works holistically! Ask anyone you see on the training floor, we are all obsessed!



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