I have always been overweight and have tried every diet out there. I would lose weight but pick it all up again and more added on top! I was the best definition of a yo-yo dieter ever. Fast forward to 2015, loads of fertility treatments that year, I finally gave birth in October 2016, now even bigger and heavier than ever before. I decided this is it, I am going to change and lost about 10kg but then when my daughter was barely 8 months old I discovered I was pregnant again, this time naturally and unplanned. There I went again, I picked up all my lost weight and more!

When my son was born my daughter was 17 months old, thus I had two babies to look after with a husband that works off-shore so I literally ran between the two of them. My daughter struggled with her health and was in and out of hospital and my son was allergic to all formula (which I only found out after 3 months) thus he cried uncontrollably. I was completely exhausted and sleep deprived and I developed a bad case of baby blues.

The weight started to drop off but I realised that it would all creep back again if I didn’t commit to an exercise and eating plan. Together with a dietician and a few more life changes I managed to lose 29kg but proper exercise was still lacking and that is when I saw a friend of mine checking into Hiit Fitness every morning on Facebook. She told me exactly what it is and that I would love it. Luthando contacted me and I signed up for the 6 weeks challenge in November 2018.

Once it was over I joined full time as I was completely addicted to my morning exercise and have managed to lose another 13kg since then.Ever since joining Hiit I have been in the best emotional state ever, nothing beats how good exercise makes you feel. My body has changed a lot, I am fitter, have gained muscle, am much stronger than ever before and have loads more confidence. I can now walk into a shop knowing that I will always find clothes that fit.

Hiit is results driven, fast paced, never the same and most definitely not boring. I have had a gym membership at Virgin Active as well as Curves and I did not enjoy it at all. I would make execuses not to go, where as now I find reasons to go to Hiit 5 times a week. I love the non-judgemental vibe and the coaches know each and everyone by name! They always show you how to do the exercises in the correct manner and encourage you to do your best.

I would definitely recommend Hiit Fitness as I am now the best version of me ever. Not only has my body changed but so has my outlook on life. I have also made loads of new like minded friends, bumped into a long lost friend from university and I also found a new hairdresser at Hiit. I have a new lease on life, I can run after and around with my kids without wanting to die half way.

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Before I get to how I got to be sitting here writing my testimonial for our HIIT Family, it's important to explain why I am here today. In January 2017, I went through a very hard break-up after a 5-yearrelationship ended. I decided to move back home to look after my Mom. Over the years my Mom developed many illnesses one worse than the last.

I had been back home 1 month when in July 2017 we rushed her to hospital only to discover that a form of cancer would eventually take her life 2 weeks later, before she had even had the chance to fight it. We all know what it feels like to lose someone we love with all our hearts and the road we travel on with Grief is a long and hard one.

It never gets easier. 10 Months later in May 2018, I was retrenched after working for the same company for 17 years! My brother and I decided to sell the house and that's when I left my sad life in Johannesburg behind and moved to Cape Town in September 2018. This would be the beginning of some of my best decisions of my 46-year-old life.

Heartache, grief, sadness, a relocation, still jobless and sinking deeper into a pit of self-destruction, I knew that I needed to make a drastic change to my health and my mental state, before it spiralled out of control!

So, there I am on Facebook one day and I see a post about a 6-weekchallenge at Hiit fitness so I submitted a form, because knowing that not only did I need to find motivation in my life but that I needed to get fit but also desperate to lose weight! I was getting depressed that my clothes weren't fitting me and that I just felt horrible about the person that was staring back at me in the mirror (when I had the courage to look into one)

Towards the end of September 2019, I started my 6-week challenge. My target was to lose 6% bodyfat! Well I achieved it and I am now a fulltime fully pledged HiiT Fitness Family member! I am slimmer, fitter and stronger than I have ever been. And it' s just the beginning!

This is what I have realized about HiiT, as I look at all the faces around me and read other testimonials we all have a story that got us to walk into HiiT, to have our assessments done and make a positive change in our lives. We have all gone through a struggle or hardship in life, but we all got to a day where something made us want to do something about it . Not for anyone else but for ourselves.

Having said all of this, without the inspirational & truly amazing team of Coaches: Luthando, Clayton Keelan, Joshua & JP, it would be so much harder. The mere fact that they know every single one of us by our names is an astonishment on its own and our coaches push us, with words of encouragement making us sweat like never before. LOL and help us when we aren’t quite getting it right. And this makes the world of difference. It makes you truly feel part of a FAMILY!

Since starting my 6-week challenge at the end of September 2019, I have lost 10.50% Body Fat & 6.3Kgs! I feel fitter, stronger and more positive. I am motivated!

Whilst it may only be 30 minutes of our day, it’s intense and you see results quicker than with any other programs. Plus having personal attention from the coaches no matter how many people there are in a class, makes you feel like they do have your best interests at heart, and you aren’t just another member in a gym!

Because just as you get told at your first workout, #HUA means results and the comradery that we have at HIIT you will never experience anywhere else. We are a Family!

My journey maybe a new one with a lot of hard work still needed to be done, but I would not change it for anything! I feel better about myself and that for me is a reward on its own.

So to all of you I say #HUAI This is one step you will NEVER regret making! #HUA#FORTHELOVEOFHiiT#FITNESSFREAK #HiitFAMILY

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My wife shared a few testimonials from the HIIT Facebook page and I was intrigued about the product and offering. I also jumped on the page and saw the 6-week challenge but thought to myself that there has to be a catch so I never acted on my interest. A few weeks later, coincidently my 5 year old son asked me, “Daddy, why is your belly sooo big?” I was rather embarrassed and I knew that the usual, “life got in the way”,“ I am too busy to go to gym”, “ there is no time to train” excuses were not going to fly.

I simply told him the truth in a way that a 5 year old could understand, which was “Son, Daddy does not do any exercise and I eat too much chips, chocolates and ice cream” but “I need your help to remind Daddy not to eat those things when you see me having them”.

He agreed and boy did he watch me like a hawk, consistently reminding me that I was not allowed those unhealthy snacks and food. I then made the decision to come in and make enquiries with Clayton. I set up my trial session and took the plunge. The first session was tough. I was sore for an entire week but knew that this pain was due to being inactive for a long period of time. As the pain subsided, I decided to commit to a 12-week programme as I knew that my goal was going to take longer than 6 weeks.

I feel great, I have a sense of achievement, I look in the mirror every day and feel good from the inside. I have started wearing clothes from that “pile or section” you put at the back of your cupboard when they no longer fit, but you keep them for that one day when I lose weight, I am there right now. I see the physical transformation in my body. I feel stronger, I am not out of breath as I used to be after climbing a flight of stairs. I opt to take the stairs instead of elevators or escalators if the choice is available. The best compliment I have gotten thus far is from my 5 year old superstar son who said “Dad, your exercise is working good cos you getting un-fat”😊.

I have dropped 2 shirt sizes and 2 pants sizes in my short time at HIIT. I have waited long for this opportunity to go to the shops and chose what I want to wear instead of buying the item that fits.

In a world where everyone one of us looks for efficiencies to drive productivity, the programme offered by HIIT Fitness speaks directly to this concept in that I need to put in 30 minutes a day and make healthy eating choices to get the desired results. The Coaches genuinely care, they care for you, your health, your goals and the community with the various social responsibility activities they participate in.

They bring high energy and passion to every training session. They have never repeated a training programme in my last 3 months which makes it really interesting. On my way to HIIT I ponder, what’s in store for me today? Their expertise in fitness and nutrition is communicated in layman terms. Also, their watches always tend to make 30seconds seem like 2 minutes… Fellow HIIT members will understand this.

I have been recommending HIIT after 2 weeks of joining not only because of the results seen; but also because of the family like environment that exists at HIIT. The friendly faces are very welcoming; the members cheer you on and supports you all the way; during my experiences this really pushed my confidence and assisted in reaching the goals set for myself. The Coaches walk your journey with you every step of the way and that is invaluable to me.

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